Park Pilot

1. The ParkPilot® parking aid system uses electronic sensing that emits sound waves similar to nuclear submarines' SONAR. Based on the sound waves, the ParkPilot® calculates the vehicle's distance to an object.
2. The system automatically initiates and emits two quick, activation beeps* when your placed in reverse.
3. ParkPilot® has several enhanced electronic systems developed to ensure precise warning alarms and eliminate false alarms, allowing you to park with confidence.
4. Even at very slow speeds, the system can detect objects in its path, which allows you to maneuver in tight spaces.
5. The ParkPilot® has an off switch that will temporarily disable the system when the vehicle is connected to a trailer or when you wish to silence the alarm.
* Front ParkPilot® does not emit two beeps at startup. It powers on with ignition and turns off when vehicle is above 10 mph. It powers on when vehicle gets below 7 mph.